Loan for restructuring | Consolidation of Loans

Are you looking for a loan to finance the renovations of your home? Maybe Meriloan Italia is the right product for you. It allows you to cover all the costs of the work and to pay a small fee for the preliminary investigation. has details

To request it, you only need to present the work estimate and accept a variable rate repayment plan at agreed deadlines. But how does Ripol Italy work for Meriloan?

The loan to restructure Meriloan’s Riparti Italia


Meriloan’s Riparti Italia is available only for those who have already opened a Meriloan current account for at least six months and invested in asset management products, distributed by Banca Meriloan, and / or securities held in custody at Banca Meriloan SpA, at least € 5,000 .

Riparti Italia allows you to finance an amount ranging from € 4,000 to € 100,000 , which cannot be greater than the costs of renovating your home. The expected duration of the loan ranges from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 10 years and the preliminary costs are 1% of the amount requested, with a minimum of € 50 and a maximum of € 250.

The interest rate is variable (spread + Euribor 360 at 3 months) and is calculated on the basis of the invested assets . In a nutshell, the more you invest, the less interest you pay. The TAN and the spread vary between 3.369% and 3.50% for those who have invested less than € 20,000 and 1.669% and 1.80% for those who have invested more than € 2 million. Always check that the interest rate does not exceed the TEGM , the Average Total Effective Fees, calculated quarterly by the Bank of Italy.

If the loan lasts for more than 18 months, 0.25% must be added to the amount for the substitute stamp duty , while there are no installment costs that come directly from the current account.Meriloan Italy Departures: example of a loan application

Let’s try to simulate a request for a € 100,000 loan for renovations, at a maximum rate of 3.369% . The amount of the installment varies according to the duration of the loan, which can be of 18 months (installment of € 5704.50), 24 months (installment of € 4314.06), 36 months (installment of € 2924.01), 48 months (€ 2229.38 installment), 60 months (€ 1812.91), 84 months (€ 1337, € 62) or 120 months (€ 982.31 installment).

Meriloan Loan Protection Policy

Meridiante Loan Protection Policy

As an additional and optional service, Meriloan offers you its Loan Protection Policy , a loan insurance product designed to cover insolvency risks . If any event could prevent you from repaying the loan, this policy is activated which covers the expenses on your behalf.

Meriloan Loan Protection Policy provides coverage in the event of death from injury; permanent disability due to accident or permanent disability due to illness; serious illness ; loss of job (for private employees) or in case of serious surgical intervention (for all insured persons except for private employees).

For example, on a 36-month loan of € 100,000, Meriloan requires a single advance premium of € 4,500 for the Loan Protection Policy . While the total credit cost indicator, calculated in the same way as the APR , including the optional insurance policy Meriloan Loan Protection Policy is 6.82% .

You can however not take out the policy or take out an insurance policy with another institution.