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What is the warranty on CamoGraphix? CamoGraphix camouflage vinyl are warranted for 3 years against fading and cracking of the material. The application is not warranted because conditions will vary. However, if application is done properly, up to 5 years could be expected of the graphics.

How are CamoGraphix produced? CamoGraphix camouflage vinyl are produced using either electrostatic or thermal transfer printing methods for longer durability and color clarity. CamoGraphix camouflage vinyl is printed on 3Mô Controltacô 160. This is a high quality, durable, dimensionally stable vinyl film. After printing, the decals are clear coated with an ultra-matte laminate for Kits, or a gloss laminate for Accents.

Film thickness: 4 mils

Application temperature: 40 - 100 degrees

Made for vehicle applications

Positionable (may be repositioned prior to final application)

What kind of adhesive is used? The adhesive used on CamoGraphix camouflage vinyl is what sets this product apart from the competition. It is a positionable adhesive which allows you to detach the sheet and reposition it if necessary before adhering it aggressively. This adhesive system also permits removal, while leaving little or no residue. In addition, it has been enhanced with 3Mís Complyô performance feature, which allows air to escape from beneath the vinyl, virtually eliminating wrinkles and bubbles.

Can I cover rust spots with CamoGraphix? The camouflage vinyl will not adhere properly to rust. Youíll need to sand the rust and apply an enamel paint, then apply the graphics once the paint has dried thoroughly.

Will the decals come off? If properly applied (according to our application guidelines) the decals should stay adhered for up to 5 years. Problems may develop around the edges or curves, where the vinyl has been stretched. When vinyl is stretched, it has a tendency to shrink back. So when applying to convex shapes, use relief cuts and patch per the application instructions. Although you can wash your vehicle at a high pressure car wash, itís good advice to not aim the spray directly into the seams.

Will the camouflage fade? Your CamoGraphix camouflage vinyl are for 3 years against fading. They will continue to look good beyond that time, but you may notice a slight shift in color and density.

Will bubbles form in the vinyl after I apply it? If applied correctly, there should be few bubbles. At times, when there is out gassing of an acrylic substrate, bubbles may appear. If that happens, use a needle to poke a very small hole at the base of the bubble, then push the air out with your thumb and it will look great.

Will my truckís paint come off when I remove my decals? If you have a factory paint job, or if youíve had your vehicle painted professionally, everything will look like new when you remove the CamoGraphix camouflage vinyl. Graphics of this type have been applied to vehicles all over the country, and, with few exceptions, the graphics come off and the paint is not affected. If youíve repainted the vehicle recently, done some patch work yourself or if the paint was beginning to peel when installed, some will probably come up with the vinyl when removed.

Does extreme heat or cold affect the decals? No, your CamoGraphix camouflage vinyl will continue to stand out and look great in virtually all weather conditions.

Will it cut easily? No, it is durable and will withstand lots of abuse. But you canít run into a tree, or throw a tire jack over the edge of the truck bed that youíve covered - it does have limits!

Can I use it on a boat? Of course. Itís great for boats. To insure that water doesnít begin to enter between the decals and the boat, we recommend using an Edge Sealer thatís available from us. This will seal the edges so that the decals will withstand years in the lake.