Banks with the Highest Interest


The Good Finance account offered by ING Bank continues to announce its name with its new campaigns. The Bank’s latest campaign was announced to those wishing to open a deposit account under the name of Fa Welcome Interest ”. Within the scope of this campaign, it is possible to earn interest on your savings in TL, Euro or Dollar for 1 year.

Does not have a lower limit required


Moreover, the bank does not have a lower limit required to open the account. Therefore, you can benefit from the advantageous daily interest rates by investing in the amount you want, withdraw your money at any time or invest in additional money.

The Bank’s interest rate to customers during this period is 20.50 percent. When we calculate with the current interest rate, we see that you can earn TL 591.28 interest on your 40 thousand TL deposits with a 30-day maturity.

Good Lender Calculator Interest Rates

Good Lender Calculator Interest Rates

With the Good Lender Account, you can earn not only a certain amount of time but also high interest rates. The interest rate given by the Bank varies according to the foreign currency type and amount of your demand usage amount.

The daily current interest is applied to all your Oxygen Account balances above your demand deposit amount. As of 2019, the current interest rate of Odeabank, which is one of the banks with the highest interest rates for TL 40,000, is 19 percent. Thanks to this interest rate, it is possible to earn TL 566.36 interest at the end of 30 days.

Honest Bank Free Account Interest Rates

Honest Bank Free Account Interest Rates

The acquaintance interest offered for those who want to be a Good Finance Account customer is determined as 16 percent.

Some of the advantages of the account are as follows: You can withdraw or deposit money from your daily interest earning account at any time without waiting for maturity. You earn extra interest in your deposits and no interest loss when you withdraw money.

When you open a Honest Bank Free Account to take advantage of all these advantages, you can earn TL 469.48 with a 30-day maturity to your TL 40 thousand deposits.